Arduino ShiftBrite Library  0.1
An object for the control of ShiftBrite modules
Arduino ShiftBrite Library Documentation


A (very small)library for use with the Arduino environment, containing an object for the control of ShiftBrite modules. This library contains only a single class, ShiftBrite. This object contains a method to send commands to the module, as well as methods to change the color of the module in an intuitive manner.

This implementation was created using the V2.0 module available from Pololu at, however, this library is expected to work with ShiftBrite modules purchased from other sources. Note that this library was developed using the V2.0 module, and has only been tested with this version. This library may or may not work with other versions of ShiftBrite module.


Simply download the latest archive and extract the contents to your "libraries" directory. For further instruction on the use of Arduino libraries, see the Libraries section of the Arduino Getting Started Guide.


The Arduino ShiftBrite Library is licensed under a Revised BSD License. See the included license.txt for details. Note that by using this software you agree to the terms of the license.